Our comprehensive product portfolio encompasses high precision products in applications, including the engine powertrain, valvetrain and air management systems, hydraulic systems for tipping, lifting, loading applications, and precision products for control valves….

Gudgeon Pins

The Menon product range includes highly stress-resistant pistons that contribute to reducing fuel consumption for both types of combustion. We have stayed ahead of technology by incorporating high-quality materials to support the evolution of the piston from cast iron pistons all the way to friction welded steel. At Menon, some of the powertrain components manufactured include Piston Rings, Plain Cast Aluminium Pistons, Cast Iron Pistons Articulated Pistons, FCD/Ductile Iron Pistons, Single Alfin Pistons, Double Alfin Pistons, Oil-cooled Gallery Pistons, Single piece forged Steel Pistons, Friction Welded Steel Pistons and Gudgeon pins.