Our comprehensive product portfolio encompasses high precision products in applications, including the engine powertrain, valvetrain and air management systems, hydraulic systems for tipping, lifting, loading applications, and precision products for control valves….

Powertrain Parts

The Menon product range includes highly stress-resistant pistons that contribute to reducing fuel consumption for both types of combustion. We have stayed ahead of technology by incorporating high-quality materials to support the evolution of the piston from cast iron pistons all the way to friction welded steel. At Menon, some of the powertrain components manufactured include Piston Rings, Plain Cast Aluminium Pistons, Cast Iron Pistons Articulated Pistons, FCD/Ductile Iron Pistons, Single Alfin Pistons, Double Alfin Pistons, Oil-cooled Gallery Pistons, Single piece forged Steel Pistons, Friction Welded Steel Pistons and Gudgeon pins.

Engine Valvetrain Parts

The valve train system’s components undergo heavy pressures. Increasing combustion pressures and temperatures, in particular, put more demands on the materials and heat dissipation of components on the combustion side, in addition to wear brought on by mechanical forces. Our range of valvetrain parts includes Rocker Arm, Rocker Lever, Rocker Arm Shaft, Precision Rollers, Precision Pins and Lifter Body.

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic power systems have become one of the significant energy-transmission technologies used by all phases of industrial, agricultural, and defence activity. Modern aircraft, for example, use hydraulic systems to activate their controls and to operate landing gears and brakes. Automobiles use hydraulic power systems in their transmissions, brakes, and steering mechanisms. Parts manufactured at Menon include Control valve spools, plungers, valve housings, slider rings and oil control valve assemblies.

High-Precision Turned Parts

Menon is a manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of automotive-turned parts, CNC turned parts, precision-turned parts and high-precision automotive parts. These machine parts and components are manufactured using premium quality materials and are dimensionally accurate, finely finished and corrosion-resistant. Products include Bar-route shaft components, Injector assembly parts, Power steering assemblies and Piston rings.

Precision Machined Castings

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